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Members of the Asheville Prime Timers have joined other individuals in the WNC  LGBT community to form a new outdoor hiking group called GMA -Gay Mountain Adventurers.  Our own Prime Timer, Ray Carter  is the moderator and coordinator of the group and a number of our members are also participants. 

Formed just two months ago, they have already gone on two featured hikes and more are planned for this autumn. The hikes are identified in advance as to level of difficulty, so anyone contemplating on going will know up front if they can make it or not. 

According to one of the hikers and Prime Timer members, the best part of the hike, besides the company and scenery, was the stop in Hot Springs for pie.  

Any other Prime Timers wishing to go on the next hike or find out more can contact Ray or the groups yahoo site

Prime Timers and Guests Pose after Tour
Sira, David and Ray take time
from the hike to strike a pose 
Asheville Prime Timers Active in New Hiking Group
Once you climb the rock, you just have to sit on it.
Who said no pie?
What makes a hike so great in WNC

 Laugh Out Loud Today! 
Asheville Prime Timers Collaborate with Sister Care
For Youth Outright
Banner outside of Applebee's restaurants
Asheville Prime Timers joined together with Sister Care, an LGBTQ service organization, to raise funds for Youth Outright on Saturday, April 4.  This was the first major fund raising event for Prime Timers and it was a great success. 

Applebee's gave two locations to help raise funds, one in Hendersonville and one in Asheville. Their staff made the breakfast of pancakes, sausage, coffee and juice,  while Prime Timers and Sister Care provided the staff to serve, bus and replenish together with additional youths from the Youth Outright. 

It wasn't all work, the staff interacted with diners as they explained about each organization and the need for Youth Outright to continue to provide the service they give to the young community with information, support and a place to be themselves. .   

The totals are still being tallied; however, it is estimated that around $1500 profit was raised.

With this first experience and the forthcoming non-profit status for Asheville Prime Timers, additional community fund raising projects are on the drawing table. 

Jerry and Deb greet diners 
Jerome cleaning plates 
for new customers 
A trio of Sister Care, Youth Outright 
and Prime Timer picking up in the kitchen
Leland, Larry and Morgan serving 
beverages and smiles